Welding Research



Welding Technology has come to this stage due to continuous research and development done in several countries in the last 60 years. Paton welding institute , welding institute UK (TWI) , Edison welding institute (EWI) , American welding society ,german welding society , japan welding research institute , welding institute aachen , French welding institute , welding technology association Australia , welding institute (Halle) , welding research institute ( Czechoslovakia) , welding research institute (India) , are some of the institutes where extensive research on various aspects of welding is going on.

Some organizations are providing patent search in the internet. Literature support is given to many by search engines in the internet.

Many professional bodies are providing opportunities for learning and disseminating knowledge through seminars , workshops and conferences on a regular basis. Some of the journals are main source of current literature. you may contact us for hard copy service for some artcles.

Many educational institutions are also engaged in research and contributing for continuous development.One of my PhD student successfully completed thesis"comparison of direct and indirect spot welding for carbon steel sheet metal fabrication ". Another thesis on "Friction stir welding of 6082 T6 alloy" was successfully completed by my student for award of Ph.D. Recently PhD was awarded for friction surfacing of stainless steel over carbonsteel. Recently another Ph.D was awarded to my student for the thesison friction stir welding of al-cu joints. There is a great need to conduct research on specialised areas where process weldability stdies are required for many industries.All universities and research labs may look into this vital area.




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